Sunday, May 12, 2013

These are a few of the quick snaps I took on my recent Bali trip. My husband & I made a deal that this holiday was all about relaxing, having a good time & just enjoying some time to ourselves, so unfortunately taking photos kind of fell to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list... So apologies, these photos are really pretty average.

 I’m still kind of living off the high I experienced when I was away. I think one of the reasons I love Bali so much is because it’s such an amazing, inspiring hub of creative activity. Whether you’re an artist, designer, stylist, photographer, model, whatever - it feels like the opportunities there are endless. To start a business in Bali as opposed to Australia, the risk is much smaller, as the money for shop rent, manufacture of product, etc is just a portion of what you’d have to spend here.

So as a result, I was pretty much beside myself at all of new boutiques & galleries to shop. I bought a black leather jacket (its perfection, I love it), some killer vintage boyfriend tees and singlets, an amazing huge leather shopper tote (again, perfection, it would have been rude not to buy it), dresses with the most amazing prints & an abstract neon painting that I'll share in one my next posts. All in all, a pretty successful trip.

Going back to the whole pop up shops in Bali thing though - I’ve told Chappy (my husband) numerous times now, that I’m going to open my own store there within 5 years. He’s supportive, if a little skeptical of this grand plan of mine, but little does he know, the actual planning & research has already begun.

If any of you are going to Bali & planning to stay in or around the Seminyak area, please give me a shout out - I’d love to share with you my fave places to stay, eat, drink, shop, shmooze around, etc. I can even recommend the loveliest Balinese man to hire a scooter from..!



  1. I've fall in love with your blog, so lovely!
    Thanks for visiting mine, would you mind checking out my old art blog?
    I haven't post in a while but i would love to post some of your illustrations if that's ok with you :)

    1. I'd love for you to feature some of my illustrations on your art blog - how exciting, you've totally made my day..!

      I love all of the artists you've featured - you have such a great eye for a wide array of talent, I love this blog..!

      Thanks so much for getting in touch, I can't wait to see some of my work on there!


  2. Beautiful Pictures <3
    follow new ,mind follow back? :)