Thursday, May 16, 2013

More ideas than time... SERIOUSLY.

I love, love, LOVE this quote. It’s one of my faves because it just rings true to me. Sometimes I feel like I have all these great ideas for art & design & god knows what else, but finding the time to actually get the ball rolling & start putting the ideas into action - that's the real challenge.

I put this quote alongside one of my recent watercolour sketches as a little reminder to myself about how important it is to stop making excuses & instead, start ticking off the 1.5 million things on my 'to do list'.

Fingers crossed it sparks a little something & inspires you too.


  1. i think this quote describes my life.... even though i think i should really stop using the "no time" excuse. can't wait to see what amazing things come out of your to do list, seriously, your sketches are amazing!

  2. Love that watercolor, its stunning :D


  3. Awesome Cara illustration!!! :)

  4. Your drawings are seriously stunning! I can't even! x